6 Customized Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas

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A second honeymoon, engraved golden rings, an engraved anniversary plate, a scrapbook, a portrait of the couple, or special recorded messages are several gifts that can help create an exceptional golden anniversary.

A 50th anniversary in a couple's life is not an ordinary event, but one that naturally deserves to be celebrated in a very specialized manner. There are many 50th anniversary gifts that will suffice if you are the blessed couple who wishes to relish this milestone occasion or a friend who wants to make this occasion more special.

Another honeymoon

One of the most romantic and greatest gifts for your spouse would be to arrange a second honeymoon to commemorate 50 years of marriage. Recreating a first honeymoon is an easy way to give a couple time to relax, reminisce, and appreciate their 50th anniversary when you book the same hotel and location for them. Inform the hotel staff that the reservations are meant as a golden anniversary gift, so they can help you plan their stay. Some staff will be excited to help make arrangements and prepare activities that will make the couple's stay more romantic and memorable.

Engraved golden rings

Historically, gold marks the 50th wedding anniversary and gifts may include jewelry. To add a more personal and romantic touch, engrave a short message, the couple's names or their wedding date onto the gift.

An anniversary plate engraved with special names and dates

Another gift, and somewhat elegant, is a fine bone china plate which will have a special personal engraving to your parents. You can make the plates extra special by having a photograph of the couple engraved on them.

A scrapbook

Use a scrapbook to assemble treasured memorabilia of the couple's life together. You can also include pictures of the couple's children and grandchildren, the couple's accomplishments, lyrics to songs they love and many other bits and pieces which made their 50 years of the marriage more special and unique.

A artist's rendering of the special duo

Paintings are a great personalized gift. Find a special photograph that features the couple together, like one from their wedding, and then find a good portrait artist who can turn the photograph into a beautiful painting. The sight of an old photograph converted in to a great art work would make any couple excited.

Record something special in the form of a message

An idea for an anniversary gift that has a strong emotional component to it is a CD that contains the thoughts and feelings of loved ones. You and others who are close with the celebrants may express your love and appreciation by calling businesses such as LifeOnRecord through a toll free number. If you would like to have these notes downloadable to sent on a CD, LifeOnRecord can provide these services. Recorded messages can give many friends and family members an opportunity to express their love and best wishes, and they make wonderful mementos for a couple's 50 anniversary.

Couples should be proud and happy to commemorate their 50th year anniversary in any special way that they can.

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6 Customized Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/11/27