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The longer a married couple stays together the more cause for celebration.  Any couple happily married for 40 or 50 years really deserves not only a great party but great gifts. Every year a couple is married the couple is honored with an appropriate gift to go along with the year.  There are traditional gifts to give or more contemporary versions.   For example a 1st year traditional anniversary gift is something made of paper or cotton.  A modern twist is plastic.  For the 40th anniversary gift a traditional version is made with ruby.  A modern version is garnet.  For the 50th anniversary gifts, or golden anniversary gifts gold is the modern and traditional material. As a couple moves on in years together, at the 25th year all gift ideas are a gem or precious metal.  Anniversary gift ideas are usually shared between spouses.  If a friend or relative is celebrating a 40th or 50th anniversary it is not necessary to give a gift of rubies or gold.  Any thoughtful gift will certainly be treasured. 

40th anniversary gift ideas can center on a theme of rubies, or a host could use red as a color theme.  Other ideas for 40th anniversary gifts are a bottle of red wine of a rare vintage or a gift basket with red as a color scheme.  Of course there are many flowers that bloom red that would be lovely to give.  A nice option that is personal is a red scrapbook chronicling their years together.  There are also specific flower anniversary gifts that can be given to a spouse.  For the 40th year the flower is Gladiolus.  For the 50th it is yellow roses or violets.

50th anniversary gifts can also center on the traditional gift given which is gold.  With gold for a decorating theme the possibilities are endless. Considerations for golden anniversary gifts are gold jewelry, or gold watch.  A gold colored scrap or photo book is a nice idea, if there is no concern for budget a cruise package.  When looking for 50th anniversary gifts keep in mind the couple and their lifestyle.  Many seniors try to de-clutter their lives at this stage so getting big items might not be what they have wanted.  A simple but thoughtful golden anniversary gift is a gold plated frame; include a nice photo of the couple too.  Try to stay away from engraved etching of the date; it can often look tacky. 

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Thoughtful anniversary gifts

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This article was published on 2010/11/30
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